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Frequently Asked Questions

Does ADI Yakima provide custom design services for signage graphics?

ADI Yakima can assist you with the creative preparation of your design files at a charge of $70.00 per hour of desktop time.

How can I place an order with Advanced Digital Imaging?

You can place your order via our online order form, via e-mail, fax or telephone.

How long does it take to complete an order?

Our normal delivery time is two to three work days from the time we have received your approval of the proof. Print jobs can only be scheduled once the approval is received.

How can we get our artwork to ADI?

You can e-mail artwork files to us, upload the artwork to our FTP server, or send us the artwork files via mail or an overnight courier service.

Do you offer proofs?

Prior to production, we can e-mail you a PDF or JPEG format file of your artwork. We do not charge for these proofs. We can also print a small swatch of part of your design on the material that you have chosen. We charge $50.00 for a swatch proof.

What is the largest sign that ADI Yakima can print without using seams?

ADI can print up to 10' x 100' width on seamless materials. However, check with us first as certain materials are not produced to 10' width.

What are your payment terms?

ADI accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and pre-payment by check or money order. For large or frequent orders, we may be able to set up a 30 days net account.

How will I receive my order?

Local customers may stop by our office to pick up their order. We can also ship projects via UPS or FedEx, according to your delivery specifications.

Shipping and handling charges are calculated based upon the project, weight and dimensions.

What finishing options do you offer?

Pole pockets - for billboards and certain kinds of banners
Grommets - inserted where needed or around the perimeter of a banner.
Reinforced grommets - to strengthen the grommet's hold, we sew on nylon webbing first, then insert the grommets through the webbing.
Velcro - can be used to hang a banner after it is sewn along the side of the banner.

How do I apply my decals?

  • Clean application surface completely.
  • Cut down both sides of the decal where the tape has been folded over.
  • Peel the tape away from the backing material. The decal will adhere to the tape.
  • Center and align the decal to your surface area.
  • Press the decal firmly on the surface, sticky side down.
  • Gently rub all areas of the decal.
  • Slowly peel the transfer tape away from the decal - being careful that the decal sticks to your surface and comes away from the tape.

Art-related Questions

What file types can you work with?

We can accept graphic files which have been created in Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw or those saved in one of these file formats: eps, .tif, or .jpg .

What DPI should we create the file in?

The best DPI for the project is dependent upon the size of the artwork and printing resolution.

What resolutions can you print in?

72 dpi - for billboards/outdoor
150 dpi - for buildings and construction
300 dpi - for banner resolution
720 dpi - highest resolution for high quality photo and trade show signage

Do you use RGB or CMYK?

We use CMYK. Please note that colors may change if you send a file in RGB colors.

Do you match Pantone colors?

Yes, we use the Pantone Matching System to match Pantone colors and ensure accurate color matching. Please utilize the Pantone solid coated guide.

Do you prefer we include fonts or create text to outlines?

We can ensure better results if you rasterize the text or convert all text to curves.

How do I send you my files?

If your graphic file is under 5 MB, just email it to

If your graphic file is over 5 MB, or you have several large files, you can use the ADI Asset Management System to send the files to us. This system can be accessed through our Upload Center.

Prior to using this facility, please email ADI Yakima to get a username and password.

Download the User Manual for the ADI Asset Management System [ PDF file 283 KB]

How long will you keep our graphics on file?

Approximately one year.


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